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I know damn well you got "no" permission using Nino Swag's OR Seth Moe's beats.. That shit's gonna catch up to you HARD when we find out your selling your mixtape. Lol you ain't in RMP so stay off RMP instrumentals lil n***a


lmao... Thing is.. i done ripped every beat i have on this tape. if there is any RMP beats on dis shit.. i killed em harder than any RMP niggah could. Ayo.. bro.. i moved down to florida the summer that just passed... so if u wanna get it poppin... gimmi ya adress... ill be glad to role up to ya crib in ma whip and stick your fuckin stiff corpse in my trunk and feed you to the fuckin aligators u fuckin fake fraud ass niggah.

Real ova Fake niggah. Fuck a RMP.

btw.. lemme know which beats are RMP. BRUH.

How you gonna talk shit about RMP when your rapping on our beats? LMAO you NG characters are something else. Brah look @ yourself.. you look like a junkie that gets no play from the ladies/
When your in florida.. PM me asap & I'll handle that quickly I ain't even gonna waste time talkin shit to you.. cuz I already know the damage I can do to you.. lyrically, mentally, & physically.

But yea for ya info..
CaliberTheButcher = Nino Swag
MWP = Seth Moe

both members of RMP.. and if you don't comply with what I say my n***a, It's coo...See you in court. -1-

yeah.. i used THEIR beats.. not yours. Don't get all horny and shit cause Grimcredible ripped your FRIEND'S beats.

u can see the courtroom all you want.. fuck your RMP movement.
butcher and mwp have both put their beats on a site that allows people to download with out asking for money. I gave them credit for the beats and thats all they need. do alittle reading before posting shit on Newgrounds.
I could use all i want.. I aint sellin shit.. when u post a download link that doesnt charge money.. it isnt sellin.. dip shit.

And i also believe MWP used samples in the beats i used.. so if anyone was to sue me for anything.. it would be the people he sampled.

Lyrically... u aint shit. You still fuckin wit dem soulja boy terms, rhymes.. and lines.

Mentally... U aint shit. you lost all self confidence after lejin shitted on you. Made you the fuckin laughing stock of Newgrounds.

Phsyically... I am the shit. I'm sure you won't believe me.. but ull be sayin other wise when your body is one with the floor.

I Reside in Kissimmiee, Florida. Osceola County. Osceola Pkwy. Heritage Lakes.

RMP > Fake Over Real

Lol It shows clearly brah.. nobody fucks with your group.. it's clearly you wanna fuck with mines. YAOWA! RMP run this effortlessly! LOL get mad & keep typing them essays I can look at ur face and know u get no pussy DUECES! my lifes good, i pull chicks u masterbate to.. and nobody can break my confidence dude, are you crazy? you must've forgot who I am. if u really bout that.. mapquest naranja village & you'll find me buddy ole pal otha then dat u soft as fuck u aint gonna do shit... YAOWA!

theres a reason no one fucks wit Real ova fake.. cause niggahs cant handle us. We Run Shit. Its not a group u fuckin retard. You fucks never listen. how many times a niggah gotta tell u. Its a movement. Stop suckin me and ma group. Dont no one wanna fuck wit your fake ass niggah. niggahs aint see of hear from you in years u fuckin failure. U came at me. So chill the fuck out. niggah. And ima keep usin RMP beats.. and ima keep shittin and rippin rmp beats.

"Original music is extremely important to Newgrounds. If you make music that could be utilized in games and movies, or you just want to be heard, submit it to the Audio Portal. Flash authors will be able to freely use your music under a Creative Commons license, and you will be immortalized with permanent credits. It's a great way to get exposure! Have questions? Check out the Audio Portal guidelines and related discussion forums for help."

Your not a flash artist.. LOL! Your so ignorant to the law.. you know what? keep it up.. I got chu homie ;]

oh no... DJ ses in stress.. got me.. lmao.

Ignoring every single other part of this argument: if the beats are uploaded to Newgrounds, then, under the creative commons license that Newgrounds uses, Grim is allowed to use the beats as long as he shares alike, i.e. doesn't try to sell the tracks.

The impression I'm getting is that the tape will be free. In which case, NG CC CLEARLY states that the music is usable.

thats exactly what im sayin bro.

I agree with the wyze white boy, n***az need to pay their phone bills before they talk about anything that they clearly dont have an educated understanding of.

this little man got niggahs pumpin Testosterones through his ass man..

If i may be so blunt Id like to add a very appropriate and overlooked fact of newgrounds hip hop music history. Last time I checked, rmp died 4 years ago.... Is this kid retarded or just pretending to be?


all i want to say is lol...Ses is clowning and this is getting serious... i agree with teddygram..looking forward to the drop..ill have a listen

You gotta be kiddin me man, yo grim dont get at that fag boy til I get back.. PLEASE.