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Murdaa's News

Posted by Murdaa - July 14th, 2017



Posted by Murdaa - May 30th, 2011

Posted by Murdaa - March 28th, 2011

Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition - MC KO Round 2 - Tournament Bracket

Check out the battle tracks below, and leave a review with who you think won! For more information about the NGHH Competition check out Big Red's news page here:

QSikThe112 vs glitchs2d Beat by B-RadGfromOV
PiGPEN vs NimbusTheGeneral Beat by teddygram
Cynic vs HeIsAlive Beat by war-spawn
Gasmasq vs THEICONICICON Beat by Kamikazi1
MadFLeX vs GreenSkullKid Beat by wyze-stingray
Self: the Bluest Eye vs SteveGuzzi Beat by Gunner-D

Posted by Murdaa - December 21st, 2010

Posted by Murdaa - October 27th, 2010

R.O.F Presents: An Irregular Mindstate Vol. 2

Yeah.. It's about that time again. Shits turning out Fressh and on its way quiiick.

Track List

1. Intro
(Beat by MPZ)

2. Its Ma Time
(Beat By TeddyGram)

3. Lost Ft. Mackyty
(Beat By TeddyGram)

4. Relaxin Ft. Mackyty
(Beat By Smurfbeatz)

5. Turn to Love Ft. Mpz, Mackyty (Tha Reaperz)
(Beat ByTeddyGram)

6. Offin you!
(Beat by FlashMac)

7. Dead Love
(Beat By Zajed,K-DM,Greeksta)

8. Stupid Girls Ft. Lejin
(Beat By DjDureagon)

9. Now Your gone Ft. Mackyty
(Beat By MWP)

10. I'm Unstoppable
(Beat By TeddyGram)

11. The Beginning
(Beat ByMWP)

12. Men of Respect 3 Ft. ClickClankFrank, Jack Da Rippa and Mackyty
(Beat is a MFDOOMinstrumental)
13. Moving on Ft. Mackyty
(Beat By Smurfbeatz)

14. This is Me
(Beat By Caliber the Butcher)


16. Gangsta Rap
(Beat is aNECRO instrumental)

17. Malicious Intent
(Beat By Haywyre/War-Spawn)

18. Outro
(Beat By Cheez-R-US)

It'll be kinda a long wait.. all depends on people and their recording time.
Thank you to Lejin for the Tape cover
Thank you to all peoples beats I used. You won't be disappointed.

until then.. u can still enjoy Mixtape1
(An Irregular Mindstate)

http://www.Reverbnation.com/Grimcredib le
http://www.Hotnewhiphop.com/Grimcredib le
http://www.Facebook.com/pages/Grimcred ible/121807234517584
http://www.datpiff.com/Grimcredible_Gr imcredible_Mackyty_Mpz_Finess3.m124850 .html

R.O.F Presents: An Irregular Mindstate Vol. 2

Posted by Murdaa - June 16th, 2010


An Irregular Mindstate The Mixtape!

Its Finally Up... on DatPiff.com.. and @ Reverbnation.com
Click http://www.mediafire.com/file/t3mloiyq eio/Grimcredible%20-%20An%20Irregular% 20Mindstate.rar">here to download the whole tape in one shot.

Yu can also find it @

I'd Be a Great help If you help support by listening to ma stuff.
Check out da Website. http://grimcredible.bandzoogle.com
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I'm Already half way through my second mixtape... so.. watch out for that.. And It'll be droppin real soon. not like this ne that took years... lmao.

Grimcredible Presents: An Irregular Mindstate Mixtape

Posted by Murdaa - February 22nd, 2010

Aight.. So..heres the deal. I'm pretty much done on my tape.. just waitin for a few guys to do their vocals.

in the mean time.. me and The Reaperz have been makin tracks n stuff.. and they're up on Youtube...
so if u wanna check dem songs out.. hit dat youtube page. or just use the vids ima post here.. Suscribe to da page and be a real fan! lol

First off is "Something about us Ft. Daft Punk" on Daft Punk's "Something about us."

/* */
Second is "Tonight is the night ft. B-styles" on a Smurfbeatz.newgrounds.com beat ;O

/* */


Posted by Murdaa - January 19th, 2010

I pushed the release of my mixtape back so that i can replace some tracks. 2010.. new shit. lol
Knowledge got MseeMercury to do ma new tape coverr and got him on a verse. The Reaperz and me are doin some new hot shit so u should look out for that @ either This page or @
Mackity's page. This shit is in the works. so keep holdin up.. lol

Heres the new track list.

1. Intro (Incomplete)
2. Split Grim Ft. MPZ (Complete) (Haywyre)
3. Unfamiliar Beingz Ft. Mackity (Complete) (Haywyre)
4. An Irregular Mindset Ft. MPZ (Complete) (YoUnG-PrOdiGy-LA)
5. Unordinary Poet (Skit) (Complete) (Afrojonez)
6. Expressionz (Complete) (Teddy Gram)
7. Tell me What it is Ft. The Reaperz (Complete) (NemesisTheory)
8. Timelapsing Ft. Knowledge and Mackity Mack (Complete) (Haywyre)
9. Bastard Child (Skit) (Complete) (Freddyfinger)
10. GrimVenom Ft. Lynguistic Venom (Complete) (Industrywutang)
11. Derti Chix Ft. Young Rachet (Complete) (Flashmac)
12. Flawless Flow Ft. Lynguistic Venom and Knowledge (Complete) (IndustryJedimind)
13. Crazy Masocist(Skit) (Complete) (Freddyfinger)
14. Men of Respect 2 Ft. Knowledge, Mackity, Jack the Ripper (Incomplete) (Haywyre)
15. Jappasalsa Ft. Finess3 and Young Rachet (Complete) (Afrojonez)
16. Empty Streets Ft. Finess3 and Big Red (Incomplete) (Gunstargreene)
17. Malicious Intent FT. MseeMercury (Incomplete)
18. Outro (The Inkspasm) (Complete) (Haywyre)

/* */

/* */

Posted by Murdaa - September 30th, 2009

I caught a cold and lost my voice for like a week straight.. and to add on to that.. my computer was reformatted so my recording supplies died.. i recently got them back.. and my inspiration came back to me.. so.. i guess this me me officially sayin.. that Grimcredible is backkkkk xD

Keep up wit da page to find when da tape dropss ;D ive been workin my ass off with Knowledge, MPZ, Mackity, Young Ratchet/Cash, Finess3 and Lynguistic Venom to friggin finish this tape..
Beats by:
Haywyre,FreddyFinger, Afrojonez, Flashmac, Teddygram
and more....

Heres the progress and the track list ;D
# Song Name | Features | Status | Beat by

1. Intro (Incomplete)
2. Split Grim Ft. MPZ (Complete) (Haywyre)
3. Unfamiliar Beingz Ft. Mackity (Complete) (Haywyre)
4. Irregular Mindset Ft. MPZ (Complete) (YoUnG-PrOdiGy-LA)
5. Unordinary Poet (Skit) (Complete) (Afrojonez,)
6. Expressionz (Complete) (Teddygram)
7. Tell me what it iz Ft. The Reaperz (Complete) (NemesisTheory)
8. Timelapsing Ft. Knowledge and The Reaperz (Complete) (Haywyre)
9. Bastard Child (Skit) Ft. Knowledge (Complete) (FreddyFinger)
10. GrimVenom Ft. Lynguistic Venom (Complete) (Industrywutang)
11. Derti Chix Ft. Rachet (Complete) (Flashmac)
12. Flawless Flow Ft. Lynguistic Venom, Knowledge (Complete) (IndustryJedimind)
13. Crazy Masocist(Skit) (Complete) (FreddyFinger)
14. Unsilenced (Complete) (Skullbeatz)
15. Jappasalsa Ft. Finess3, Rachet (Complete) (Afrojonez,)
16. Empty Streets Ft. Finess3 (Complete) (Gunstargreene)
17. Outro (The Inkspasm) (Complete) (Haywyre)

gay posting... lol

Thx Rooshie For tha Tape Coverrrrrrr!! Check his shiz out too mang.. his pictures is crazyy xD

Grimcredible - An Irregular Mindset LP

Posted by Murdaa - July 30th, 2009