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yooooo Haywyree!! You Friggin animalll mannn...this shit comes so goddamn hard! LOL You never cease to amaze me, homie. This shiz here drags me in hard and its scream to me "PLEASE RAPE ME" but but... butt... Fuck.

haywirehaywire responds:

hahaha thanks


Haywyre... ma man.. u did it again.... U were able to drag me into a zone where the creativity took over and my writtens started to spill out and create a river of grimcredible inkspasm residue.... xD simply beautiful...

haywirehaywire responds:

hahaha thanks


again man.. u manage to catch my ears and excite my creativity... i can see so much done with this beat... i think i might actually punish this 1..

haywirehaywire responds:

thanks bro.


that melody is friggin sexy... it makes me want to grab a pretty chick from out of the crowd of one of my imaginary concerts and make magic happen with her Ontop of the beat.

haywirehaywire responds:

lol thanks dude


On some real shizzz.. i really like dis here... i could see myself really doin something serious on this beat.. With your permission.. i'd love to do something with this and add it to my mixtape.. you'll get full creditt ;D ima inbox you righ now lol

GunstarGreene responds:

Go for it, just shoot me a link when you have it posted.


dem drums is hot.. and that little w/e melody in der too lol.. u should let dat shiz rock witout the gummy bear and drop a nice smooth melody on der.. not sayin this gummy shit aint g.. but its kinda gay.. (i am aware of the situation) i'd love to rip these drums like virgins hymenzzz

DJ-Delinquent responds:

dude let this beat die <.<

i dont like any of it xD

its only up here cus people like it


I love how your drumbs stay simple and still take the song to a new level..its got a real nice chilll feel to it.. some kinda shiz to get you higher then u already were if u was on some real nice... bud. lol

haywirehaywire responds:

hahahaha thanks man.


This right here man... i just had to review.. it pulled me in so quickly.. right now i feel like im in love.. seriously... really nice work homie.. friggin sick..

haywirehaywire responds:

thanks dude.


I wanna like.. Strap the condom on... figure.. ey.. fuck it im goin raw... throw away the condom and Sex this beat... lol.

Scribbler responds:

This is the most awesome review of this song that I have ever read!!!


Idk.. The melody is just Sex. lol But the kicks and snapz.. need another pattern cause it sounds.. ametureish.. thats the only problem i see atm.. cause im sure we could make suttin happen on dis here beat.. just the kicks get annoying.. lol

vanguard182 responds:

yeah i see where you're comin from, this is i think the very first song i ever made in FL studio so i had absolutely no idea what i was doing. i just put out a new RnB song though and i have a better handle on how to do stuff so it sounds a lot better, check it out http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/264486

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