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yoo ma n***a the song over all is hot, beat is dumb gangsta and the only problem i really have is the fact dat there are certain parts that u should have done over.. and u need to put more emotion in ya shiz, but again its hot.

OBIEakaAO responds:

why thank you

once again

good shiz ma n***a.. like seriously i fux wit dis shiz.. i dunno what it is.. it just has dat g vibe to it.. oly thing i gotta say is that it feels as if its missing something o.o but good shiz ;O

the melody is kinda borin but its aight

mackity.. face it.. hes better than u ;/

nice lines... rakoons sad ;/


Awesome stuff man!! Friggin awesome!

hey bitch.. this shit is cool... its like.... a dog took a shit on the side walk and winter came and froze it... its cool... real cool... lol jk

dis beat is da shit.. u could do dis shit wit mpz... ill hit up da remix though ;D

ps... its time to kick ass and chew bubblegum but im all outta gum.... even though i have balls of steel

Mackity responds:

I love you.


im sorry i aint tryna say nuttin bad but.. it aint hiphop.. its more like... i dunno.. its juts not hip hop.. im not one of those hatin zero bombers but this one is... boring.....? its all good tho.. try addin a hip hop drum pattern in there..


isnt really hip hop.. so i dun relly know what to tell you.. but the drumb the like "doo doo doo doo." falls off the melody >.> practice makes perfect...?

Yerr, ma boi mackity mack refuses to make a NG acc


[15:51] Mackity Mackilla%uF716%u033F%uF716%u033F%u033 F%u033F%u033F%u033F%u033F'%u033F%u033 F%u033F%u033F%u033F'\%u033F%u033F%u03 35%u0347\: Yo that shit is crack my n***as, BX all day everyday my n***a keep that shit comin my G's

i gotta say da same shit yo

Lejin responds:

4sho murda Real recognize real and dont worry about them bustas if they try to flip on ya cause the agang is here to exterminate all the bitch ass comic book loving nerd ass hataz!


MPZ send me dem sounds lol i wanna try suttin wit dem, matta fact.. we could make a album of 3 sample beats and the sounds them selves and give em to someone like zajed or greeksta and watch em tear it up, i swear lol

MPZ responds:

Hells yeah, that the best duo in the word when it comes to what they do. This beat still has me dyin when I listen to it.. Its maaad G. LOL


Ha haaa

this shit really is crack, i'd make a track to dis.. or atleast a freestyle on it.. i could picture me rappin on dis and actually makin a video wit dis beat.. lol got da people wit tuxedos in da back wit vilins or w/e and they bobbin they heads and they stompin they beat makin da song to the beat while me and ma crew rap on dis.. keep up da work son so far u on da right path

You dont like me.. Fight me.

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