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yoo. Very Interested.

I am a rapper. and im looking for callabos. check me out.. i got plenty tracks here on NG or u could check out my other stuff @ Reverbnation.com/Grimcredible


I liked rahs style... shit was fuckin cool.

Self hit hard... in the first verse and second verse.. he TRASHED his whole name in the first verse.. and second verse was clearly death.. lmaoo


JOEY! Lmao.. his second verse seemed to hurt more than just pigpen. Lmao.. Joeyy.. say sorry to all the internet nerds here on NG lmaooo!!!

"Swine slayer"... Obvious attack on pigs chosen name.
"Make bacon out your ass"... same.. attack on his name.
"You Fuckin geek, you aint close to being street" ...at the end... of pigs second verse... he talked about joey not knowing slang.. PIG knows street terms.. hes street. Not a geek... even tho.. his NG page is full of Newgrounds games.. Thats a clear pointer to his geekyness. 25 years old?! come on.. this describes all of the newground failures. lmaooo!

PiGPEN responds:

Maybe that's why he left. NG is too nerdy for him.


Like the rest below said.. lyrics were good from both sides... but as ill say time and time again.. Your Lyrics can be god like.. and slaughter any rapper... but if u cant deliver the lyrics enuf for people to understand without needing to "squint" with their ears.. they dont mean jack. Im not gettin at anyone.. im just saying.. if the lyrics werent here like last year.. people who cant be understood.. would lose.. every battle.. like I did last year.. simply cause i felt i didnt need to record my best since it was as u guys say.. "a rap battle" If this was an accapella battle.. u would still need to keep some kind of rhythm.. instead of just saying words.. weather they are clever or not. Since.. everyone is always looking foward to nimbus's battles.. i thought i'd just put this here.

MaoDaMighty responds:

Thanks Grim


yo.. has anyone ever told u.. that u sound like Mike Shinoda and Travie Mccoy Merged? on this song atleast. lol


shit is tuuuufffffff.. get at me for a callaboo brooo. Dead asssss.

rapreaper responds:

Thanxs murda! im with. the callabo. but right now im going through some legal issues,thats why i havent been keeping up with newgrounds. but i got another project im working on,ill post it soon as im done. thanxs again for showing love,its hard to get in this game. im pretty sure to hear your team on the box soon,being you guys are staying dedicated. ok im gone keep with the hottness! Grave yards up! The Reaper!


I love to see how fast the scores drop when sissy faggz get exposed! Fuckin fraud ass n***ahs. Ayo!! @Cajete Git at me wit ya address bitch! lmaooo!

Real Ova Fake
Men of Respect
We fuckin Bullys ova fuckin pussys. Fuckin sissy voiced bitch ass n***ahs. Get at me!

linez responds:


An Irregular Mindstate Vol. 2*

Yoo mannn. Shits the Derti chix of mixtape 2. Give me a week and ill drop da tapee. ITs done.


yo mannn this shit is fuckin unbeliveable.. Shit is real tough mannn.

Lejin responds:

ROF!!!! POW!

nice shit man

shits hot man.

rapreaper responds:

Thanxs Murdaa,your music is Hott also. thanks again for the review it means alot.

You dont like me.. Fight me.

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