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i got a question gasssss.. did u record slow then speed it up? cause it kinda sounded like it.. i aint tryna say nothin.. just curious.

Gasmasq obviously took this. pretty much had a by to the next round..... >.>

!! Cheatz


Wooooooahhhh!! ICONICICONNN o.O

Ayooooo. Idk what to say.. like..
ICONICICON... came hard with the first verse... but told me.. my lines were generic... so i hope your told the same lmao! other than that... you did your thing ma n***aa.. u had the most lyrical battle so far. im not gonna judge the second verse.. cause its kinda not cool that the second dont get to react to it.. lol and people usually look to the second verse and say "you came back hard. so you won!"

RedMongoose.. Love the way you came at the battle.... the singlin flow was very different and really caught my ear.. lmao!.. your lines were alsooo genericcc.. ayo.... Lemme know if you'd like to collabb lmao! ima try dat singin shiz. lmao!

i gotta say ICONICICON got dis one cause of the fact that his flow and lyrical content was both on point.. so.. he got it.

Ravv for da winn!

Rav. You handle the beat real good n shit.. Thats what the fuck I'm talkin about. Use the fuckin beat.

Denver. Youuu neeed some work. Flow wise.

yeah man.

Well all EYE gotta say is.. that EYE didn't really sit and listen to MIE opponents verse cause EYE hardly understood it... EYEm not tryna get at MIE opponents or anything bro just that MIE opponents voice bothers me. Lmao! No disrespect.. EYE got nothing against MIE opponent.. but when it first started.. EYE just stopped it.. put it up on cool edit pro.. wrote a verse in like 10 mins and recorded.. Win or lose.. not really a concern of MYNE. xD

I don't like this "KEVINBACON" shit so i replaced a few of my words that i noticed are usually replaced with "KEVINBACON". Lmao!

Geee. G. G. G

G. Dead ass... G. This can only be described as.. G. Dead ass.. Real Talk.. Really...Fuck!! Im tryna just say G.. but NG keeps saying "Your summary is too short blah blah suck my dick" Lmao!

- Grimcredible

verbal intercourse 2.

I can see myself... knowledge..mpz.. and jack doin a verbal intercourse 2.. all up on this here shiz. Incredible feel... u cease to amaze me bro


Incredibly chill vibe. I would go in bone thug style on this mutha bitch. lmao

freddyfinger responds:

ha thatd be sweet dude. thanks :)


I'm really liking ya shiz. The smooth vibes ya trakcs give off scream Grimcredible. I'm gonna experiment with these here tracks n ish..

- Grimcredible


Again.. You continue to amaze me bro.. This is audio sex in its finestt! xD PLEASE let me go hard on this here magic.. This has Grimcredible writtin all over it!!! xD

- Grimcredible

shaggyhaired responds:

Go for it bro!

You dont like me.. Fight me.

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